Kelly Vivar Jewelry
raw luxury
"Why are these my go-to girls? They are both terrific artists, both want the recipient to be overwhelmed by the loveliness of their purchase and both take time to make things just the way you want them. And I love the idea of more handmade lovelies for the holidays. I mean, I do my share of retail consumption, but I'm working on improving the handmade/mass-produced purchase ratio. And these women both make rock(in') jewelry.
First, Kelly Vivar Fine Jewelry.  I have a beautiful pair of earrings and a custom-made necklace with birthstones for each of the members of my family. My daughter loves to snuggle up to me and point to each stone and ask me to tell her again which one is her, which is Daddy, and which is me. And she knows that little sister isn't on there yet and that she will be soon, as soon as I can surrender the necklace long enough to have her added.  Really, what's not to love about all of the sweetness in this?"
"Next up is Kelly Vivar.  Her line is called Inu Jewelry.  It's beautiful, delicate, hammered silver and brass.  I love this set of five rings, but there is so may different things to choose from.  Again, this artist will make custom pieces, perfect for your wedding party."
(*note:  originally my jewelry line was named "Inu Jewelry", in honor of my dogs; however, it  is now renamed: Kelly Vivar Jewelry)
"3. kelly vivar: brass hammered skinny layer ring $15.00 (" 
"a Shiba pendant created and donated by Kelly Vivar"
(Kelly Vivar Jewelry donation to raffle: silver Shiba Inu dog breed pendant with diamond eye)

(The second photo shows my jewelry display with the white faux-fur table top)